Michael Cuddyer Shows Love to Chesapeake, Virginia, With Homegrown Clinic 

The Homegrown Clinic was hosted at Great Bridge High School in Chesapeake


CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Two-time USA Baseball national team alum, 2021 18U National Team assistant coach, and former MLB All-Star Michael Cuddyer hosted a USA Baseball Homegrown Clinic in his hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia, on Sunday, May 15.

Hosted at his alma mater, Great Bridge High School, with the support of the Southern Chesapeake Athletic Association, over 100 kids from the greater Chesapeake area gathered for an opportunity to have fun learning and playing the game of baseball. The chance to create memories with one of their hometown's best was an experience they will never forget.

During the event, participants went through various stations including baserunning, catching/throwing, fielding, and hitting. Additionally, they played in a modified scrimmage with Cuddyer serving as the designated pitcher. Cuddyer had the opportunity to connect with kids one-on-one giving autographs and taking pictures.

"This was very informative for our relatively young player," said one parent. "The connection that Mr. Cuddyer made to his hometown roots put perspective to these young boys that their dreams are attainable if you put in the hard work necessary on a daily basis."

For Cuddyer, hosting the clinic where his love for baseball started meant the world to him. There was no better place than Chesapeake.

“For me, the name of the clinic, Homegrown, really speaks to me because I never left Chesapeake,” said Cuddyer. “It was really important for me to be able to come back and do this clinic in this city, at this high school. It really means a lot to me for USA Baseball to accommodate that and allow me to come and do this clinic.”

“We want to grow the game. We want to grow the sport. Do we want to create big leaguers? Sure. Do we want to create the future Team USA? Of course we do. The reality is we’ve got to create the passion before any of that can happen and I think that’s what we wanted to accomplish today.”