Seventy-Three Team USA Alums on MLB Spring Breakout Rosters

Action begins on Thursday, March 14

Major League Baseball’s top prospects will be on display this upcoming weekend as part of the league’s new Spring Breakout. Featuring the best prospects from each organization’s farm systems, Spring Breakout will highlight the future stars of the league. Many of those stars–73, to be exact–are USA Baseball alumni.

Before we get to the full list, let’s break down the group of USA Baseball alumni on Spring Breakout rosters by the numbers.


In total, 73 players who have previously donned the stars and stripes will participate in this weekend’s Spring Breakout. Fourteen 12U National Team alums are in the group, while 16 former 15U National Team players were chosen to compete. Thirty-three athletes who previously played for either the 18U National Team or the Collegiate National Team are also featured on rosters.


Two-time Team USA Colt Emerson with the 12U National Team in 2017. A first-round pick in 2023, Emerson will participate in Spring Breakout for the Seattle Mariners.


There are 32 players from the 2021 and 2022 Collegiate National Teams set to take part in Spring Breakout, including two-time CNT alums Dylan Crews, Paul Skenes, and Kyle Teel. Additionally, the 2021 18U squad placed nearly half its roster in the Spring Breakout, owning 10 players in the event.


While every MLB division features at least six Team USA alums, the NL East leads them all with 18 former U.S. players participating in Spring Breakout. The New York Mets lead all teams with six players, including four from the 2021 Collegiate National Team.

1 vs. 1

The Spring Breakout game between the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates on March 14 will pit the number one overall picks of each of the past two drafts against one another. Three-time Team USA alum and 2023 number one pick Paul Skenes will toe the rubber against 2021 18U National Team alum Jackson Holliday, who was selected with the first overall pick of the 2022 MLB Draft.


Holliday and Skenes will face off on March 14


Friday’s game between the Washington Nationals and New York Mets features 11 former U.S. players, the most of any Spring Breakout matchup. Ryan Clifford (Mets) will go up against 2021 18U teammate Elijah Green (Nationals), while the Mets’ Drew Gilbert, Kevin Parada, Brandon Sproat, and Blade Tidwell will take on their 2021 CNT teammate Dylan Crews. To see all the matchups and the Team USA alumni participating in them, click HERE.

The 73-player list of USA Baseball alumni competing in MLB’s Spring Breakout is as follows:

Los Angeles Angels: Alberto Rios III; 2014 12U
Oakland Athletics: Daniel Susac; 2021 CNT
Oakland Athletics: Jacob Wilson; 2022 CNT
Seattle Mariners: Colt Emerson; 2017 12U, 2022 18U
Seattle Mariners: Walter Ford; 2021 18U
Texas Rangers: Jack Leiter; 2018 18U

Toronto Blue Jays: Brandon Barriera; 2016 12U, 2019 15U
Toronto Blue Jays: C.J. Van Eyk; 2016 18U, 2018 CNT
Baltimore Orioles: Dylan Beavers; 2021 CNT
Baltimore Orioles: Enrique Bradfield Jr.; 2022 CNT
Baltimore Orioles: Jackson Holliday; 2021 18U
Baltimore Orioles: Carter Young; 2016 15U, 2017 18U
Tampa Bay Rays: Cooper Kinney; 2015 12U
Tampa Bay Rays: Tre' Morgan; 2022 CNT
Tampa Bay Rays: Brayden Taylor; 2022 CNT
Boston Red Sox: Kyle Teel; 2021 & 2022 CNT
Boston Red Sox: Nazzan Zanetello; 2022 18U
New York Yankees: Anthony Hall; 2013 12U
New York Yankees: Roc Riggio; 2017 15U

Cleveland Guardians: Justin Campbell; 2013 12U, 2016 15U, 2021 CNT
Cleveland Guardians: Alex Clemmey; 2022 18U
Cleveland Guardians: Petey Halpin; 2017 15U
Cleveland Guardians: Parker Messick; 2021 CNT
Cleveland Guardians: Doug Nikhazy; 2014 15U, 2019 CNT
Kansas City Royals: Gavin Cross; 2021 CNT
Kansas City Royals: Blake Mitchell; 2021 & 2022 18U
Detroit Tigers: Max Clark; 2022 18U
Detroit Tigers: Jace Jung; 2021 CNT
Detroit Tigers: Kevin McGonigle; 2022 18U
Minnesota Twins: Walker Jenkins; 2021 18U
Minnesota Twins: Brooks Lee; 2021 CNT
Minnesota Twins: Austin Martin; 2014 15U, 2019 CNT
Chicago White Sox: Jacob Gonzalez; 2022 CNT
Chicago White Sox: Jared Kelley; 2018 18U
Chicago White Sox: George Wolkow; 2021 15U

Arizona Diamondbacks: Jack Hurley; 2022 CNT
Arizona Diamondbacks: Druw Jones; 2021 18U
Arizona Diamondbacks: Landon Sims; 2016 15U, 2021 CNT
Arizona Diamondbacks: AJ Vukovich; 2019 18U
Los Angeles Dodgers: Jackson Ferris; 2021 18U
Los Angeles Dodgers: Kendall George; 2022 18U
San Francisco Giants: Maui Ahuna; 2022 CNT
San Francisco Giants: Bryce Eldridge; 2022 18U
San Diego Padres: Carson Montgomery; 2022 CNT
Colorado Rockies: Zach Agnos; 2022 CNT
Colorado Rockies: Carson Palmquist; 2021 CNT
Colorado Rockies: Drew Romo; 2018 & 2019 18U

St. Louis Cardinals: Max Rajcic; 2018 & 2019 18U
St. Louis Cardinals: Masyn Winn; 2014 12U, 2017 15U
Chicago Cubs: Pete Crow-Armstrong; 2014 12U, 2017 15U, 2018 & 2019 18U
Pittsburgh Pirates: Hunter Barco; 2021 CNT
Pittsburgh Pirates: Termarr Johnson; 2019 15U, 2021 18U
Pittsburgh Pirates: Paul Skenes; 2014 12U, 2021 & 2022 CNT
Cincinnati Reds: Tyler Callihan; 2018 18U
Cincinnati Reds: Rhett Lowder; 2022 CNT

Atlanta Braves: Owen Murphy; 2021 18U
Atlanta Braves: Luke Waddell; 2019 CNT
Miami Marlins: Kemp Alderman; 2014 12U
Miami Marlins: William Banfield; 2017 18U
Miami Marlins: Jacob Berry; 2021 CNT
New York Mets: Ryan Clifford; 2015 12U, 2018 15U, 2021 18U
New York Mets: Drew Gilbert; 2021 CNT
New York Mets: Nolan McLean; 2019 18U
New York Mets: Kevin Parada; 2021 CNT
New York Mets: Brandon Sproat; 2021 CNT
New York Mets: Blade Tidwell; 2021 CNT
Washington Nationals: Dylan Crews; 2017 15U, 2018 18U, 2021 & 2022 CNT
Washington Nationals: Elijah Green; 2021 18U
Washington Nationals: Robert Hassell III; 2019 18U
Washington Nationals: Brady House; 2015 12U, 2018 15U
Washington Nationals: Yohandy Morales; 2013 12U, 2018 18U, 2022 CNT
Philadelphia Phillies: Mick Abel; 2019 18U
Philadelphia Phillies: Aidan Miller; 2016 12U, 2019 15U, 2022 18U