Q&A: Caleb Hudson Crushes 13U/14U Athlete Development Program

USA Baseball Alumnus Caleb Hudson talks 13U/14U ADP, USA Baseball experience

USA Baseball Alumnus Caleb Hudson returned to the National Training Complex in Cary, North Carolina, this week for the 2023 13U/14U Athlete Development Program (ADP).

The outfielder from Carrollton, Georgia, was a member of the 2021 12U National Team which competed in an exhibition series in Texas.

As a member of Team USA, Hudson batted .375, scoring three runs and stealing a base.

Hudson received an invitation to the 13U/14U ADP, a USA Baseball developmental program featuring 48 of the top 13-and-under and 14-and-under athletes, after competing at the 2023 National Team Championships in North Carolina.

In the first two games of the Team Termarr Johnson vs. Team Dylan Crews intrasquad series, Hudson amassed a .500 average and knocked two hits for Team Johnson.

On the third day of the 13U/14U ADP, Hudson talked to USA Baseball about his experience at the developmental program and as a member of the 2021 12U National Team:

Q: What do you think of your performance so far this week and what’s been working for you at the plate?

A: “My performance has been good. What’s been working for me really is just putting the ball in play and letting my speed work get me on base and around the bases.”

Q: What do you focus on when developing your swing and strategy at the plate?

A: “Before I go into games, my idea is to work inside the baseball. I do this so when I get in the game I don’t have to worry about swinging over the ball or being over the top or rolling over. This helps me be on time in the game.”

Q: What was your experience as a member of the 2021 12U National Team like?

A: “My experience changed my life. It changed me as a baseball player and as a human. Everybody there made me better in every way. That’s the biggest moment I’ve ever had on a baseball field and in my life really.”

Q: What has it been like to come to the NTC and play with and against the top talent in your age group?

A: “It feels good. It’s an honor just to be named as one of the top guys in the country by USA Baseball. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget and an opportunity like no other.”

Q: What has it been like playing against some of your current and former teammates from Team USA and travel baseball?

A: “The competitiveness is still there, you can feel it, but it’s really fun. Just getting better with them, playing against them, and playing with them. The memories are coming back.”

Q: How has ADP helped you develop as a player and what is the biggest thing you’ve taken away from the experience?

A: “It’s helped me become better as a player, as a person, and how I go about things. The coaches are so detailed with how they teach and how they want things to be. It will make you change your mindset about everything you do.”

Q: What is your overall goal for the week?
A: “My goal for the week is really just to stand out and show what I can do.”