Rapsodo Named Official Player Development Partner of USA Baseball and Prospect Development Pipeline

The sports technology company brings its world-class data analytics to help players reach the next level

CARY, N.C. – USA Baseball today announced the extension of its partnership with Rapsodo, the company known for helping athletes achieve their maximum potential by providing advanced data in real time with their ball tracking technology. This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize player development and advance the game of baseball through industry-leading technology and data-driven insights.

The developmental partnership will also elevate the product of the Prospect Development Pipeline (PDP), a collaborative effort between Major League Baseball and USA Baseball to establish a player development pipeline leading to the MLB Draft for amateur baseball players in the United States.

Rapsodo's state-of-the-art technology captures essential data on hitting, pitching, and player performance, empowering athletes to take their game to new heights. When combined with USA Baseball’s commitment to excellence and player development, this partnership will help in the joint mission to elevate the sport and maximize the potential of young athletes across the country.

Through this collaboration, USA Baseball will integrate Rapsodo's PRO 3.0 into its PDP Performance Assessments at national team identification events, national team training camps, and player development initiatives. The PRO 3.0 is an all-in-one hitting and pitching monitor that has live-on-live data collecting abilities. The real-time data provided by Rapsodo's systems will enable coaches and players to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and unlock their true potential. It will also give fans of the game access to the data and performance of baseball’s next generation.

"We are proud to continue to be a provider for USA Baseball and the MLB Prospect Development Pipeline in their efforts to identify the best prospects in the country,” Rapsodo CEO Batuhan Okur said. “Rapsodo ball flight data is already used by most MLB teams to evaluate and develop players; now, this same technology is available to evaluate the top amateur players and future stars of the game.”

The partnership will provide USA Baseball with access to advanced player metrics and insights, enhancing the development programs and fostering a data-driven approach to coaching. Rapsodo's innovative sports analytics solutions have been widely embraced by baseball players, coaches, and teams worldwide across every level of competition, with this partnership being the latest example.

“USA Baseball looks forward to its continued partnership with Rapsodo in providing the top technology for our players and coaches,” USA Baseball COO David Perkins said. “Rapsodo is a worldwide leader in baseball data and technology, and we are excited to implement the PRO 3.0 into our national team programming and Prospect Development Pipeline in order to elevate the experience for those who come through our organization.”

For more information about the Prospect Development Pipeline, visit MLB.com/Prospect-Development-Pipeline.

For more information about Rapsodo, visit Rapsodo.com.