Federowicz Gives Back to Apex, North Carolina, With Homegrown Clinic

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APEX, N.C. -- Two-time USA Baseball national team alumnus and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games silver medalist Tim Federowicz hosted a USA Baseball Homegrown Clinic in his hometown of Apex, North Carolina, on Saturday. Hosted at the ball field of his alma mater, Apex High School, nearly 150 youth from the area joined in on the fun, getting to play baseball with a hometown hero.

Before turning the event over to Federowicz, kids were welcomed to the event by members of the Apex High School baseball team, USA Baseball's mascot Freedom, Apex High School Baseball Coach Lane Olive, and Apex Mayor Jacques Gilbert.

“Tim understands he comes back and pours into the community to bring up the next person,” said Mayor Gilbert. “There is another young Tim that is ready to also move forward and achieve much success, and they can use Tim as an inspiration. I think that is what we all should do, inspire others through our success. I think that is what Tim is going to continue to do for many. They can see him and say ‘Wow, I can accomplish this same thing!’.

Attendees were split into groups and participated in baseball stations, such as base running, throwing, and home run derby, before playing a modified baseball scrimmage where Federowicz served as a designated pitcher.

The event concluded with a question-and-answer session with the participants. There, they learned that Federowicz’s favorite baseball player growing up was Derek Jeter, and his favorite team was the Atlanta Braves. Each kid then got to meet him one-on-one and received an autographed poster before heading home.

“I love any chance to give back to the community, especially the one I grew up in,” said Federowicz. “I remember coming to camps like this growing up. It’s just cool to get out there and see the younger generations and how excited they were to come out here and play. Interacting with the kids, getting to pitch, and getting to see them smile and have fun diving all over the place... it’s just awesome.”