USA Baseball Announces Launch of Baseball5 and Game Kits in Partnership with GameMaster Athletic

Partnership aims to continue to grow the baseball movement across the United States

CARY, N.C. – USA Baseball, in collaboration with GameMaster Athletic, a leading innovator in sports equipment, is thrilled to announce the launch of exclusive Baseball5 balls and game kits. This exciting partnership aims to fuel the growth of Baseball5, a fast-paced version of traditional baseball, making it more accessible to enthusiasts and players across the United States.

Baseball5, also known as street baseball, is a dynamic, high-energy game that requires minimal equipment. It is a five-on-five, five-inning game that can be played anywhere, emphasizing the sport's inclusivity and versatility. The new Baseball5 balls and game kits by GameMaster Athletic are specifically designed to cater to the needs of this unique game, ensuring durability, performance, and the ultimate baseball experience that can be played by anyone in a wide range of locations.

"The partnership between GameMaster Athletic and USA Baseball represents a significant milestone in our efforts to promote and expand the reach of Baseball5," said GameMaster Athletic CEO Sean Rowland. "Our specially designed balls and game kits are not just equipment; they're a ticket for players of all ages and backgrounds to join a growing community of baseball enthusiasts. We're committed to making baseball more accessible, and through this collaboration, we believe we can bring the spirit of the game to every corner of the country."

USA Baseball, the governing body for the sport of baseball in the United States, shares GameMaster Athletic's enthusiasm for introducing Baseball5 to a wider audience. "This partnership is a game-changer," said USA Baseball Executive Director/CEO Paul Seiler. "Baseball5 has the potential to transform how baseball is perceived and played across the nation. It's a fun, fast, and accessible version of the game that aligns perfectly with our mission to foster interest and participation in baseball. With GameMaster's innovative equipment, we're excited to see more people hitting the streets and enjoying baseball."

The launch of the Baseball5 balls and game kits includes a comprehensive marketing campaign, grassroots initiatives, and community events designed to introduce the sport to players and fans alike. GameMaster Athletic and USA Baseball are dedicated to supporting the growth of Baseball5 by providing resources, training programs, and opportunities for play across the United States.

The Baseball5 balls and game kits are now available for purchase through GameMaster Athletic's website and selected retail partners, including For more information on Baseball5 and how to get involved, visit or