WBSC Celebrates Tenth Anniversary, May 10th Declared World Baseball Softball Day

The 2024 calendar year is a significant milestone for international baseball, as it marks the tenth anniversary of the birth of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) as a world governing body. To honor this day, the WBSC Executive Board has declared May 10th as the official World Baseball Softball Day.

Thanks to the WBSC's leadership, the game of baseball has seen many successes on a global scale over the past decade, including its return to the Olympic Games in 2028 in Los Angeles and the launch of the Premier12. The Premier12 has become one of the largest and most successful international baseball events in the world, and Team USA is set to compete in the third edition in November.

In addition to bringing more attention to the sport around the world, the WBSC has made significant strides in making baseball more inclusive than ever by introducing Baseball5 and eBaseball. These two modern versions of the sport have helped to bring the sport closer to new generations and provide an opportunity to more people than ever to enjoy the great game.

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