Alumni: Coaches/Admin



Sanchez, George 2005 16U Assistant Coach
2007 14U Assistant Coach
2009 16U Manager
2010 16U Manager
2013 15U Assistant Coach
Sanders, Anthony 2015 Professional Assistant Coach
2019 Professional Assistant Coach
Sanders, John 1980 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Saunders, Tim 1998 16U Assistant Coach
1999 16U Assistant Coach
2000 16U Manager
Savage, John 2000 Collegiate Assistant Coach
2017 Collegiate Manager
Sawyer, John 1988 18U Assistant Coach
1997 16U Manager
Scalf, Mark 2003 Collegiate Assistant Coach
2007 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Scavo, Vinny 1987 Collegiate Athletic Trainer
Schaust, Brandon 2021 18U Certified Athletic Trainer
Scioscia, Mike 2021 Professional, Professional (Olympic) Manager
Schlossnagle, Jim 2006 Collegiate Assistant Coach
2013 Collegiate Manager
Schmidt, Mike 2009 Professional (WBC) Assistant Coach
Scholl, T.J. 2011 14U Press Officer
2012 15U Press Officer
Schworer, Will 2018 12U Program Director
2019 12U Program Director
2021 12U Program Director
2022 12U, 15U Program Director
Scolinos, John 1975 Collegiate Manager
1984 Collegiate (Olympics) Assistant Coach
Scott, Casey 2023 15U Pitching Coach
Scott, Marty 2000 Professional Manager
2002 Professional Manager
2003 Professional Manager
2004 Women's Manager
2005 Professional Manager
Scott, Tully 2023 15U Press Officer
Seiler, Paul 1994 18U Program Director
1996 18U Program Director
1997 18U, 18U Program Director
1998 Collegiate General Manager
1999 Collegiate, Professional Program Director
2006 Professional Executive Drector
2015 Professional, Professional Executive Drector
2019 Professional Executive Director
2021 Professional, Professional (Olympic) Executive Drector
2023 Professional (WBC) Executive Drector
Sekany, Jason 2013 12U Assistant Coach
2015 12U Assistant Coach
2018 12U Pitching Coach
2019 12U Pitching Coach
2023 12U Pitching Coach
Serrano, Dave 2010 Collegiate Assistant Coach
2012 Collegiate Manager
Servais, Ed 2013 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Seward, Mickey 2000 Collegiate Press Officer
Shabansky, Rob 2011 16U Assistant Coach
2015 15U Assistant Coach
2016 15U Assistant Coach
2017 15U Manager
2019 15U Pitching Coach
2021 15U Pitching Coach
2022 15U Pitching Coach
2023 12U Manager
Shank, Bob 1993 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Sharp, David 2015 12U Assistant Coach
2016 12U Assistant Coach
2017 12U Manager
2023 12U Manager
Sherman, Jeff 2021 15U Assistant Coach
2022 15U Assistant Coach
Shim, Yu Jin 2021 Collegiate Certified Athletic Trainer
Shives, Mark 2012 15U Assistant Coach
Shouppe, Jamey 2014 18U Assistant Coach
Silva, Ted 2016 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Simmons, Derek 2023 15U Assistant Coach
Simmons, Lloyd 1983 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Simunic, Doug 2000 Professional Assistant Coach
2002 Professional Assistant Coach
2003 Professional Assistant Coach
2005 Professional Assistant Coach
Singer, Jeff 2004 16U Program Director
2005 16U, Professional Program Director, Assistant Director of Baseball Operations
2006 16U, Professional Program Director, Assistant Director of Baseball Operations
2007 16U, Professional Program Director, Assistant Director of Baseball Operations
2008 16U Program Director
2009 16U Program Director
2010 16U Program Director
2011 16U, Professional, Professional Program Director, Assistant Director of Baseball Operations
2012 15U Program Director
Skole, Tony 2019 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Slater, Tom 2006 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Smeltzer, Sky 2004 18U Assistant Coach
Smeltzly, Hal 1970 Collegiate Coach
Smith, Bob 1973 Collegiate Coach
Smith, Brandon 2017 12U Operations Coordinator
Smith, Caitie 2018 15U Press Officer
Smith, Reggie 1999 Professional Assistant Coach
2000 Professional (Olympics) Assistant Coach
2006 Professional (WBC) Hitting Coach
2007 Professional Hitting Coach
2008 Professional (Olympics) Assistant Coach
2009 Professional (WBC) Hitting Coach
Smith, Steve 1998 Collegiate Assistant Coach
2005 Collegiate Manager
Smitheran, Jack 2004 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Snow, Dave 1992 Collegiate (Olympics) Assistant Coach
1995 Collegiate Assistant Coach
1996 Collegiate (Olympics) Assistant Coach
2016 Collegiate Assistant Coach
2017 Collegiate Pitching Coach
Soesbe, Rod 1999 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Sogard, Alex 2021 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Solis, Victor 2004 16U Assistant Coach
2006 18U Assistant Coach
2007 18U Manager
2017 15U Assistant Coach
Soto, Edgar 2001 18U Assistant Coach
2002 18U Manager
Spiers, Mike 1997 16U Assistant Coach
Spitz, Josh 2021 12U, 15U Press Officer
2022 12U, 18U, 18U Press Officer
2023 18U Press Officer
Spivey, Charlie 2008 16U Assistant Coach
2011 16U Assistant Coach
Stallings, Jack 1970 Collegiate Coach
1973 Collegiate Coach
1984 Collegiate (Olympics) Assistant Coach
Stankiewicz, Andy 2012 Collegiate Assistant Coach
2014 18U Manager
2017 18U Manager
2023 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Stansbury, Scott 2014 Collegiate Athletic Trainer
2016 15U Athletic Trainer
Starcher, Bob 1981 Collegiate Assistant Coach
1986 Collegiate Delegation Head/Business Manager
Stave, Erin 2000 Professional Athletic Trainer
2002 Professional Athletic Trainer
Stevens, Paul 2001 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Stewart, Dave 2003 Professional Pitching Coach
Stewart, Joe 2014 Women's Operations Coordinator
Stillwell, Ron 1975 Collegiate Assistant Coach
1977 Collegiate Manager
Stine, Mark 1994 18U Athletic Trainer
1996 18U Athletic Trainer
1997 18U, 18U Athletic Trainer
Stocklin, Carl 2017 Collegiate Athletic Trainer
Stottlemyer, Mel 2009 Professional (WBC) Bullpen Coach
Stout, Don 1981 18U Assistant Coach
Stratton, Trent 1997 Collegiate Athletic Trainer
Street, Jim 1999 18U Press Officer
Strickland, Mike 2015 15U Assistant Coach
2016 15U Manager
Stricklin, Scott 2011 Collegiate Assistant Coach
Suarez, Felipe 2007 16U Assistant Coach
Succow, Tom 2003 16U Assistant Coach
2004 16U Manager
2007 14U Manager
2010 18U Assistant Coach
Swanson, Mike 2023 Professional (WBC) Press Officer
Swiggum, Paul 1992 18U Athletic Trainer