Homegrown Testimonials


The Homegrown event was so much fun for my daughter and son! They both love baseball and enjoyed everything about the day. The Q&A with Tim Federowicz was very cool and I loved that the kids had so many questions for him. It was neat that he played with the kids on-field as well. The t-shirts and hats are so nice, too! Thank you very, very much for an all-around amazing day of baseball!”

"My son already loves playing baseball, he really appreciated this opportunity to not only go play and just have fun but also to meet and play alongside a MLB and USA Baseball alum! His smile was so awesome to see afterwards! This was such a well run and organized event for kids, and parents all seemed so happy. I wish there were opportunities like this when I was a kid.”

"What an amazing opportunity to watch a local baseball hero teach the next generation both the love of baseball and the importance of serving your community with your gifts and talents."

"Such a fun, positive experience. The added bonus of my son meeting his favorite player, Adley Rutschman, sent it over the top! Thank you, USA Baseball!"

"I believe we should have more events like this!!! My youngest son was on the fence about baseball until this camp and now he is so excited for next spring to play baseball. Well ran and better than I ever imagined. Keep up the great work."

"Both my son and daughter really enjoyed thise event. The smiles on their faces spoke volumes. THANK YOU!!!"

"This event has changed my daughter's mind about baseball. She used to only like basketball but now she likes baseball thanks to this event."

"This was one of the BEST zoom programs that I have participated in, very motivational and organized."

"What a great event. During this pandemic it's nice to see USA Baseball find ways to keep our Youth engaged in Athletics."

“After the event last week, my son went outside and had me pitching snowballs to him. The day after, he set up the garage to be a batting practice area. Today, he asked me if I signed him up for Spring ball yet. He had been opposed until now. Todd Frazer inspired the heck out of him. Thank you so much."