Women's National Team Identification Events



*Information contained on this identification events page is subject to change at the sole discretion of USA Baseball and without notice.



Athletes born in the year 2007 or before are eligible for the 2023 Women’s National Team programming. 


The Women's National Open serves as the primary identification event for the USA Baseball Women's National Team.

Players from across the country gather to compete for the opportunity to represent Team USA as a member of the Women's National Team. Registered players will be divided onto teams coached by USA Baseball Women's National Team coaches and staff. Over the course of the Women's National Open, players will compete in games, as well as participate in individual workout sessions for their primary position(s). A minimum of 35 players will be selected from the Women's National Open to make up the Training Camp roster. Twenty (20) women will then be selected to represent the United States as a member of the final Women's National Team roster.

If you are interested in playing for the Women’s National Team, please fill out the USA Baseball National Team Interest Form or email Ann Claire Roberson for more information.


The 2023 Women’s National Open will take place from July 7-9 at Riverview Baseball Complex, the Spring Training facility for the Chicago Cubs, in Mesa, Ariz. Click HERE to register.


The 2023 Women’s National Team Training Camp will be held from July 10-13 Riverview Baseball Complex, the Spring Training facility for the Chicago Cubs, in Mesa, Ariz. In order to be eligible for selection to the Women's National Team Training Camp, players must have an up to date passport. Players may still attend the Open if they do not have a passport, but will not be eligible for selection to WNT Training Camp.

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